Custom Robo V2

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Custom Robo V2
Developer Noise
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo 64
Virtual Console
Release Date Nintendo 64
JP November 10, 2000
Virtual Console
JP February 19, 2008
Rating ESRB: E

Custom Robo V2 is a game about fighting robots. It was only released in Japan.



You are a young boy who has just received your first robot. Now, it's time for you to go out and prove that you're the best.


The single player mode of Custom Robo V2 has the player switching between an RPG-like scenario and robot fights. In the RPG part of the game, the player can get parts for their robot and search out people to battle.

The game also features two multiplayer modes. One vs. One lets two players fight each other while 2 vs. 2 lets two or more players fight against each other as a team.

In addition, there is also a training mode to let you practice fighting with your robot.



The next game in the Custom Robo series is Custom Robo GX.


  • In 2008, it was released for the Japanese Virtual Console.
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