Custom Robo Arena

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Custom Robo Arena
Developer Noise
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo DS
Release Date JP October 19, 2006
US March 19, 2007
EU May 25, 2007
AU September 20, 2007
Rating ESRB: E

Custom Robo Arena is the fifth game of the series, released for the Nintendo DS.


You are a young boy who has just received your first robot. While learning about the uses they have in every day life a sinister plot is uncovered in a local company that involves illegal motives and must be stopped.


"Custom Robo Arena" borrows many elements present in previous games in the series like the ability to costomize each component of the robot to suit a specific way of battle. Robots are sent into a battlefield to battle each other during a specific time limit or until one runs out of life power.

The game features WiFi Connection to play both against friends or opponents in internet that match the skills or equipment chosen.

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