Color TV Game

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Color TV Game
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Home Console
Generation First
Lifespan 1977 - 1979
Media Dedicated Console
Release Date JP 1977
Successor Nintendo Entertainment System

While Nintendo began to manufacture arcade games, they also began dabbling in home consoles. The Color TV Games were a series of dedicated consoles.

The first of the Color TV Games, Color TV Game 6, played six variations of "light tennis" or Pong. The game was quite popular and sold over 1 million units.

The next year, Color TV Game 15 was released. It was similar to it's predecessor, but was able to play 15 variations of Pong. The knobs which were previously built into the last model were removable wired controllers on this model.

That same year, Color TV Racing 112 was released. The game had a bird's-eye view and the object of the game was to dodge traffic. Single player mode was played with the system's built in steering wheel and gear shift while multiplayer was played with attached controllers.

In 1979, Nintendo released Color TV Game Block Kuzushi which translates to "block buster." The game was a variation of Breakout. The systems exterior design was one of Shigeru Miyamoto's first projects with Nintendo.

The final game in the series was Computer TV Game. The game was a port of Nintendo's arcade game, Computer Othello. Both single and multiplayer was available. The games AI was good enough to make it quite popular.


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