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Developer Nintendo R&D1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date Crystal
July 4, 1986
New Wide Screen
March 8, 1988

Climber was a Game & Watch game. It was originally released in Crystal format, and later in New Wide Screen.



Climber, described as a young boy with wisdom and courage, has decided to scale Block Mountain as part of his training. He meets Lord Meiji, who grants him all of the gear he needs for his journey and with the help of the bird Hentori he embarks on his quest.


The player controls the titular Climber, who is trying to reach the top of a 25-step fortress by jumping and breaking ceilings with his armor. Obstacles include the Blockman, the bird-like Eyerom and the evil dragon Dragalo. Like other "adventure" games, it has no Game B.


Ports and Remakes

  • In 1988 it was released in New Wide Screen format.
  • It was included as an unlockable game in the Museum section of Game & Watch Gallery 4, in its original format only.
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