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Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure
Full Title Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure
Developer skip Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo
System Gamecube, Wii
Release Date GCN
JPN June 23, 2005
USA February 6, 2006
EUR May 26, 2006
JP June 11, 2009
Genre Adventure
Gallery GH Gallery
Rating ESRB: E

Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure is an original title developed by skip Ltd. that was released late in the lifespan of the Gamecube. It stars the titular Chibi-Robo in his adventures inside and outside the home he was sent to.


The game follows Chibi-Robo as he is purchased by the Sandersons, a family composed of a father, mother, daughter, a dog, and a host of unusual talking toys. Chibi's purpose is to help clean the house, but more specifically to make everyone as happy as possible. Inevitably Chibi-Robo starts to help the cast of characters with which he shares the home with, trying to solve their problems while also figuring out some of the secrets of the household.


Chibi-Robo! is an unusual game in that, while it plays much like any other action/adventure title, the hero is less than a foot tall. Thus a lot of the platforming in the game - as well as the limits to exploration, are created by Chibi's tiny size. Compounded with this is the fact Chibi has to recharge his battery. He can recharge at any outlet, but if he runs out of energy, he'll end up back at his own personal Chibi-House.

As Chibi spreads happiness, he can gain a variety of upgrades to assist him. These range from a variety of tools, costumes, as well as upgraded batteries. Progression throughout the house is only possible by constantly upgrading Chibi's capabilities. The ultimate goal being to solve the problems of the household, while also defeating the strange Spydorz that seek to destroy Chibi.


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