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Developer Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date Game & Watch
September 8, 1981
JP July 29, 2009
US March 22, 2010
March 26, 2010

Chef is a Game & Watch game. It's part of the "Wide Screen" series.


The player controls a chef. The player must keep flipping bits of food so they don't fall on the floor. If the player drops the food three times, the game is over. In Game A has three pieces of food while Game B has four pieces of food.


One of Mr. Game & Watch's moves are based on Chef.

Ports and Remakes

  • Game & Watch Gallery 2 featured Chef as one of its games. The game included both the original Classic Mode as well as a new Modern Mode which featured characters from contemporary Mario games.
    • In the Modern Version, the player controlled Princess Peach using a frying pan to catch the cookies tossed by the Mario Bros. as they cooked. The goal was to bounce them so that they would be fed to Yoshi when cooked, although the cookies could be overcooked and bob-ombs also appeared as obstacles.
  • Chef was also unlockable in Game & Watch Gallery 4. It had the same Classic and Modern modes from Game & Watch Gallery 2 but with enhanced graphics in the Modern mode.
  • Chef was hidden in the DS game Personal Trainer: Cooking where it appeared as a time waster whenever a recipe needed time to bake. After playing it once it was free to play anytime in the Options menu.
  • Chef was released for the DSi as downloadable DSiWare.
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