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She appears in a house in "The Port of Badon" (Eliwood Chapter 16x, Hector Chapter 17x). Her boyfriend is Jake, one of Fargus's pirates. She gives Eliwood's group directions on the safest route to Fargus's ship.

Anna also appears as the shopkeeper in the game's secret shops. Outside of the story, she appears whenever the player chooses to suspend their game in order to confirm their choice, and she also hosts the Link Arena.

Marquess Araphen

The cruel-hearted marquess of Araphen whose true name is not disclosed. He has a spiteful prejudice against the nomads of the Sacae Plains which was caused, or enforced, by the Lady Madelyn, whom Marquess Araphen admired, eloping with the Sacaean plainsman Hassar. However, he enjoys having Sacaeans under his control, as seen in the example of Rath.

Lyn comes to him seeking aid in "Chapter 6: Blood of Pride" and he initially offers his help. But after seeing her in person and seeing the Sacaean blood in her, he withdraws his offer. He was planning to help her if she forsook her pride and shed even a single tear, but she did not and left. Afterwards, Rath resigned from serving Marquess Araphen and told off the marquess for his attitude.


Barigan was one of the Eight Legends. His legendary weapon was Malte. He was born in the place that would later become Ilia, and he inspired the Knights of Ilia.


Bramimond was one of the Eight Legends. Nearly nothing was known about him except that he excelled in dark magic. According to Athos, Bramimond had lost himself to darkness and become a living mirror reflecting whoever spoke to him at the moment, independent of gender and age. After the Scouring, Bramimond apparently had a hand in sealing away the Eight Divine Weapons, and he retired to the solitary darkness of the basement beneath the Shrine of Seals.

Nearly 1000 years later, Bramimond and Athos were the last of the Eight Legends to still be alive in Fire Emblem. Athos brought Eliwood's company before Bramimond in an attempt to convince him to lift the seals over all of the legendary weapons. Bramimond was reluctant because of the damage that the weapons had caused last time they were used, but he ultimately complied. Later on, he appeared in the final battle and performed a ritual that seemed to use power from the Divine Weapons in order to revive Ninian. Athos died following the battle and remarked that Bramimond would be the last of them alive, but Bramimond suggested he did not have much time to live either.

The last surviving legend, it seems Bramimond died sometime prior to Fuuin no Tsurugi. His legendary weapon was the Dark Tome Apocalypse, which was found in the Shine of Seals' basement in Fuuin no Tsurugi.

Brendan Reed

Brendan Reed was the powerful fighter who founded the Black Fang assassins' guild in Bern ten years prior to the events of Fire Emblem. Originally, the Black Fang's ranks were small, and they were united by chivalrous and noble causes, as at first they solely targeted noblemen who abused their positions. This caused them to become quite popular in Bern as well as in other countries. He had two sons, Lloyd and Linus, to aid him in his endeavors.

However, nine years later the Black Fang began to take a turn for the worst after Brendan married Sonia, a mysterious woman. Despite Brendan's suspicions about her, he wound up falling for her and being manipulated by her until the Black Fang became a tool of Nergal and took on any job instead of only taking on criminals. Eventually Brendan Reed became only a figurehead while Sonia and Nergal were the true rulers of the Black Fang. Brendan was first seen in "Kinship's Bond" (Eliwood Chapter 21, Hector Chapter 22), when Sonia used him to send the Four Fangs into motion. He also appeared to be conspiring something behind the scenes with Jan, but it was not sure what. But Sonia eventually had no more use for Brendan and killed him in "Night of Farewells" (Eliwood Chapter 26x, Hector Chapter 28x) and collected his quintessence, although he was able to wound her severely before his death.

Although the true Brendan Reed is never battled in the game, Nergal later crafts a morph of Brendan using his quintessence whom is battled in "Final Chapter: Light".


Desmond was the king of Bern in the time of Fire Emblem. During his upbringing he was of a very average strength and intellect. He intended to marry the woman he loved, but instead he was arranged to marry Hellene, a princess from Etruria. Together they had a son, Zephiel, but Desmond grew jealous of Zephiel's natural abilities which far outranked those of Desmond. So he acted cold towards Zephiel and Hellene, shunning them and accusing them of plotting against him, and he eventually exiled them from his castle and forced them to stay in Zephiel's manse.

In the meantime, Desmond tried to give birth to an heir with his original lover, but they only had a daughter, Guinivere. The time eventually approached for Zephiel's coming-of-age ceremony, and Desmond attempted to sabotage it by hiring members of the Black Fang to steal the Fire Emblem, which was essential to the ceremony, and he also hired them to later kill Zephiel as well. Both plans failed, and Zephiel and Hellene made attempts to reconnect with Desmond.

These attempts presumably failed, as Desmond stubbornly later named Guinivere's future husband heir to the throne instead. Sometime prior to Fuuin no Tsurugi, he attempted to kill Zephiel himself by poisoning his drink at a banquet, but Zephiel survived and faked his death. When Desmond checked up on Zephiel's coffin, Zephiel sprung out and killed him to put an end to this. It was Desmond's harsh treatment of Zephiel which aided in shaping Zephiel into the main villain of Fuuin no Tsurugi.


Durban was one of the Eight Legends and was known as the Berserker (presumably this was his class as well). Unlike the other legendary heroes, he seemed to be motivated not by the hopes of protecting mankind but simply because he desired battle. His legendary weapon was Armads, and Durban became known as Armads as well due to his extensive use of the weapon. After the Scouring, he inspired a warrior clan in the Western Isles, where Armads was kept.

In Fire Emblem he appears in spirit form when Hector claims Armads in "The Berserker" (Hector Chapter 30). Durbans expressed his will to battle to Hector and also warned Hector that drawing Armads guaranteed him a death on the battlefield. Durban was ultimately convinced to lend Hector his power and let him have Armads. Even after returning Armads to the Western Isles, Hector feels its power surging through him.


Elbert was the marquess of Pherae. He was married to Eleanora, and Eliwood was his son. He learned of the conspiracy by Lord Darin to rebel against Ostia and overthrow it as the dominant area of the Lycian League, and he also learned that they were being backed by Nergal and the Black Fang. Elbert set out with Harken and many of the kingdom's best knights, but all the knights (save for Harken) were killed by Nergal as they approached Nergal's base, the Dragon's Gate.

As for Elbert, Nergal saw value in his high amount of quintessence and had him imprisoned. He was sent to a dungeon with Nils and Ninian. He knew they were the dragons Nergal had summoned and hoped to use to summon more dragons. Elbert did not judge them but instead raised their moods by telling them stories about his home and family. Eventually he was able to help them escape in "Pirate Ship" (Eliwood Chapter 17, Hector Chapter 18). However, Nergal informed him that Eliwood was on his way to the Dragon's Gate in search of Elbert, and he had Ninian with him so it was like his efforts to save her had been undone.

Eliwood and his company were able to reach Elbert. However, the reunion was short-lived, as Nergal drained Elbert's quintessence in order to send Ninian into a strange trance which made her open the Dragon's Gate and call forth a dragon. But Nils arrived in time to stop the ceremony. And, in his dying moments, Elbert was able to strike Nergal with a lethal blow. This forced Nergal to retreat and allowed Eliwood's company to retreat, as well as time to regroup and plan on how to defeat Nergal. Elbert then died in his sobbing son's arms.

St. Elimine

St. Elimine was one of the Eight Legends, and was one of the only two females in the group. She practiced light magic, and her legendary weapon was Aureola. She moved to Etruria and inspired the religious group known as the Church of St. Elimine, which nearly every magic character in the game is part of.

St. Elimine strangely enough appears in the Fire Emblem section of the bonus disc accompanying pre-ordered copies of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, and she oversees the transfer of items from the Gamecube disk to Fire Emblem.


Eleanora was the wife of Elbert and the mother of Eliwood. After Elbert went missing and Eliwood left in search of him, Eleanora was left to take care of Pherae. She was protected by Isadora, one of the few knights remaining. However, after receiving word of Elbert's death, she decided to protect her remaining family by sending Isadora away to accompany Eliwood and help keep him safe. Eleanora was seen in "Taking Leave" (Eliwood Chapter 10) when she saw Eliwood off when he embarked on his journey and in "Living Legend" (Eliwood Chapter 22, Hector Chapter 23) when Eliwood had Athos teleport him and his company to Pherae Castle.


Fae is one of the characters from Fuuin no Tsurugi who makes a cameo appearance in this game. She was a Manakete from the hidden village of Arcadia who resembled a young girl. She was very outgoing but not allowed to leave the village. She is seen watching a house in the Nabata Desert in "Living Legend" (Eliwood Chapter 22, Hector Chapter 23) and will give the player advice as to where treasure is hidden in the desert.


Class: Berserker

Fargus was an infamous pirate who captained a ship called the Davros. Operating out of the Lycia's port town of Badon, he was an ambitious and constantly sought new challenges. He also seemed to be the most prominent pirate in the area, despite his age. It was he who helped Dart to recover from what could have been a fatal blood loss (although he waited until a holiday had ended so that a taboo against interacting with blood would be lifted). Afterwards, Dart became a loyal member of Fargus's crew.

In "The Port of Badon" (Eliwood Chapter 16x, Hector Chapter 17x), Eliwood and his company approached Fargus in order to seek passage to Valor Isle. Fargus at first charged an outrageous sum, but he also offered them a ride for free if they could pass his test by fighting through his men and meeting him by the ship. They succeeded in this test, so Fargus took them to Valor Isle. The journey was dangerous, but Fargus said he was doing this because he was getting old and hadn't had any challenges in a while. He also saw that Eliwood's men had courage and thought that they had what it took to survive Valor Isle.

Fargus's ship was attacked by the Black Fang in "Pirate Ship" (Eliwood Chapter 17, Hector Chapter 18). Fargus reluctantly had to set out of the battle in order to stop the flooding belowdecks that had been caused by the Black Fang, but he returned to the deck with the rest of his crew in time to drive off the remaining Black Fang members that Eliwood's group had not defeated. They arrived at their destination in "Valor Isle" (Eliwood Chapter 18, Hector Chapter 19), at which point Dart departed with Fargus's permission to travel with Eliwood's group.

Fargus was later called on again when Eliwood's group needed a second trip to Valor Isle in "Victory or Death" (Eliwood Chapter 30, Hector Chapter 32). If Dart was still alive, the two had a special conversation in which Fargus warned Dart to take care of himself, and Dart said that he would in gratitude to Fargus for saving his life five years ago. He regretted that Eliwood would not allow him to join in on the battles, but they did entrust Fargus with a message to deliver in the event that they died in the final battles. Fargus also briefly watched over Nils until he sent him back to Eliwood's group with an Earth Seal for them.


The daughter of King Desmond and his first love, born out of wedlock since Desmond was already married to Hellene. She is a young child in the time that the game takes place and is close to her half-brother Zephiel, the son of Desmond and Hellene, despite the tension between their parents. She was unknowingly used as a pawn in their parents' scheme. Despite Zephiel being a man and being born fire, Desmond tries various tricks in order to ensure Guinivere would become the next queen of Bern. Eventually Hellene decides to make up with Desmond and Zephiel, but Desmond does not cooperate, which leads to the events of Fuuin no Tsurugi.

Guinivere is one of the important characters from Fuuin no Tsurugi who has a small role in Fire Emblem as well. In Fire Emblem she only makes a small appearance in "Unfulfilled Heart" (Eliwood Chapter 24, Hector Chapter 26).


Hannah is an elderly fortune teller. She meets up with Eliwood's group in "Chapter 14: False Friends" and, after succeeding in predicting Eliwood's current predicament, she was allowed to travel with Eliwood's company. She used her powers of divination to foresee circumstances of upcoming battles and give strategical advice, but she charged at least 50 gold per augury. But the old lady was constantly distressed by all of the dangerous places they visited, and after their trip through the desert in "Living Legend" (Eliwood Chapter 22, Hector Chapter 23), she resigned and allowed Nils to take her place.


Hanon was one of the Eight Legends and one of the only two females (although the American release of Fire Emblem calls Hanon a male). She was a nomad of the Sacae Plains, and her legacy lived on in the form of the nomads.


Hartmut was one of the Eight Legends. He was the leader of the group and wielded the Sword of Seals. When he battled the Dark Dragon Idoun, he hesitated to kill her, and the sword adjusted its power to match his intentions. Instead of being killed, she was sealed away with the Sword of Seals and the Fire Emblem. He later built a temple to house the Sword of Seals and sealed it there. Then he founded the nation of Bern near the temple in order to keep watch over it.


Hassar was a chieftain of the Lorca tribe in the Sacae Plains. He was skilled with both a sword and a bow (similar to Lyn's promoted class). Somehow he found his way to Caelin and fell in love with Madelyn, the marquess's daughter. He also formed a friendship with Wallace that doubled as a rivalry. Madelyn's father, Lord Hausen, did not approve of their love, so Hassar and Madelyn eloped to the Sacae Plains and lived a happy and peaceful life there, even having a daughter Lyn. But nineteen years later, this came to an end when the Lorca were all wiped out by an attack from the Taliver bandits. Hassar was among the casualties, but he was able to allow Lyn to escape by sending her off on a horse.


Hausen was the elderly marquess of Caelin at the time of Fire Emblem as well as the grandfather of Lyn. He had a daughter Madelyn with his wife Lyndis prior to her death. However, he later disapproved of Madelyn's romance with the nomad chieftain Hassar. Their quarreling led Madelyn to elope with Hassar to the Sacae Plains. Hausen, who was normally a very warm and kind man, became furious and sent Wallace to retrieve them at any cost. Wallace ultimately botched the mission because he saw they were truly in love and was unwilling to ruin their relationship. Wallace spent several months in the dungeon for it, but Hausen later thanked Wallace.

Nineteen years later, Hausen received word from Madelyn that she had started a family in the Sacae Plains and that she had named her daughter Lyndis after Hausen's late wife. Hausen was overjoyed at this news, so he sent the knights Kent and Sain to find Madelyn and arrange a meeting between them and Hausen. However, at this time Hausen's brother Lundgren attempted to make a bid for the throne. He poisoned Hausen's drinks which caused Hausen to become bedridden with an illness, and he also told him that his descendants had been killed. However, in "Chapter 10: The Distant Plains", Lyn met with Hausen, being the only survivor of the massacre of her tribe. She convinced Hausen to fight off the illness and the death that was coming to him.

Hausen slowly recovered and spent much quality time with Lyn. They had many walks together in the Caelin gardens, and many said he looked like a new man. But Hausen was once more endangered one year later when Castle Caelin was invaded by Darin and his men from Laus in "Noble Lady of Caelin" (Eliwood Chapter 15, Hector Chapter 16). Held captive by Darin and Ephidel, Hausen attempted to talk sense into Darin and almost succeeded when Ephidel stabbed him. Leila was assigned to finish him off and hide the body, but she instead brought him to receive medical treatment since she was actually a spy for Ostia. Hausen lived an unknown amount of years after the game. Following his eventual death, Lyn had Caelin placed under Ostia protection.


Hellene was an Etrurian princess who was married off to King Desmond of Bern to promote peace between the two countries. But Desmond was bitter because there was another woman whom he loved. Desmond and Hellene had a son together, Zephiel, but Desmond disliked the boy and attempted to have a son with his other woman, but instead they produced a girl named Guinivere. Desmond became determined to ensure Guinivere won the throne. Hellene, once a kind woman, was corrupted from her time with Desmond and became just as petty as him, being intent on ensuring Zephiel won the throne.

She was first seen in "Four-Fanged Offense" (Eliwood Chapter 23, Hector Chapter 24), when Desmond informed her that the Fire Emblem, which was necesary for the ceremony in which Zephiel would be declared heir to the throne, had been stolen with only ten days left to find it before the coming-of-age ceremony. Soon afterwards, she was visited by Louise, who needed a favor from Hellene in the form of directions to the Shrine of Seals for Eliwood's group. However, Hellene promised to do them a favor only if they found the Fire Emblem for her.

Eliwood's group presented the Fire Emblem to her in "Battle Before Dawn" (Eliwood Chapter 26, Hector Chapter 28). Hellene was willing to give him the directions to the Shrine at that point, but Eliwood then became furious when he saw how obsessed Hellene was with getting her son on the throne and how unconcerned she was about the previous night's assassination attempt on Zephiel. He told her off for seeing her son as just a trophy, and they then left without the directions. However, Hellene was actually moved by these words and caught up with Eliwood's group in the fields, granting them a scroll that contained the directions to the Shrine of Seals as well as a Heaven Seal she had been planning to give to Zephiel, but she saw them as needing it more.

Afterwards, Hellene apologized to Zephiel for her behavior and set off to find Desmond and Guinivere so they could find a way to forgive each other and become a real family. However, it is known from Fuuin no Tsurugi that this did not work, and Desmond continued plotting against Zephiel until Hellene was endangered as well, at which point Zephiel fought back and killed his father. It is unsaid what happened to Hellene afterwards.


The kind-hearted elderly marquess of Santaruz was an old friend of Elbert. Helman had no children of his own, so he was also close to Elbert's son Eliwood. However, he was weak-willed and more a follower than a leader. This led him to become a part of Darin's conspiracy to rebel against Ostia and overtake them as Lycia's dominant force.

Ephidel was stationed at his castle in "Chapter 12: Birds of a Feather". News came that Eliwood was coming to investigate his father's disappearance, but Helman admitted he would not be able to lie to Eliwood. Ephidel then dispatched some troops after Eliwood, promising to scare Eliwood away without harming him. But Helman felt betrayed that Ephidel's men tried to kill Eliwood, so he called off the deal and threatened to tell Eliwood everything in "Chapter 13: Birds of a Feather". At that point Ephidel attacked him, causing his death. Eliwood reached him before his death, and in his dying words Helman told Eliwood to go to Laus and urged him to beware the Black Fang.


A Black Fang member serving under Linus. He only appears in the version of "Four Fanged Offense" (Eliwood Chapter 23, Hector Chapter 24) in which Linus is the boss. Linus orders Igor to assemble his men, and Igor complains about how Linus ignores others' orders. He then taunts Eliwood and his company prior to the battle.


A recurring character in the Fire Emblem series. In this game Jake is a member of Fargus's pirate crew and the girlfriend of Anna (another recurring character). He appears early in "Pirate Ship" (Eliwood Chapter 17, Hector Chapter 18) only if one of the player's units had spoken to Anna in "The Port Town of Badon" (Eliwood Chapter 16x, Hector Chapter 17X). He introduces himself and after learning that they had heard about him from Anna, his heart is warmed by hearing she was concerned for him. He precedes to inform Eliwood's group about the merchants aboard the ship.


An elder member of the Black Fang and a close friend of Brendan Reed. He was very close to Nino, who called him her uncle. He was in the Water Temple when Brendan was killed by Sonia in "Night of Farewells" (Eliwood Chapter 26x, Hector Chapter 28x). He briefly ran into Nino and warned him of Sonia's danger, then fled after Sonia heard his warning. After the battle, he expressed remorse for not being able to help Brendan in his last moments and called himself a "cowardly old man". But he then told Nino the secrets of her past that Brendan had uncovered prior to his death and gave Nino her family's pendant.


Lilina is the young daughter of Hector with either Florina, Farina or Lyn. She only appears in the game's epilogue as a young girl. In the epilogue she is introduced to Roy and then plays with him. The events of Fuuin no Tsurugi are also foreshadowed in Hector's dream from his Support Conversation with Eliwood, where he mentions a blue-haired girl (Lilina) whom is taken from him by a young red-haired boy (Roy).


Mark is the default name for a tactician who acts as the player's avatar. Similar to Link, his name can be changed (along with his Birthdate and his gender, which determine his affinity and give a slight stat boost to all units of the same affinity) and he never speaks in the game. He is only seen on the map during several scenes as a green unit wearing robes. He was also described as being young.

He is portrayed as a traveling tactician who travels as part of his training. In "Prologue: A Girl From the Plains", he is discovered by Lyn and nursed back to health after passing out in the Sacae Plains. He then helped to conduct Lyn's actions in a battle with bandits. Afterwards, Lyn convinced him to accompany her in her quest to become stronger. Mark planned out all of the following battles, even after the goal switched to defeating Lord Lundgren. He also met with all of the people Lyn recruited and became friendly with them. After Lyn's campaign ended in "Chapter 10: The Distant Plains", Mark left to continue his travels, but Lyn refused to say goodbye as she knew they would meet again.

In Eliwood's Story, Mark appears in "Taking Leave" (Eliwood Chapter 11), having been staying in a village at Pherae. He offers his help to Eliwood, who remembers him from Lyn's adventure and gladly accepts him. Mark was also reunited with Lyn and his various friends from her crew over the course of the adventure. He also visited Eliwood on his coronation day one year later in his epilogue. Mark's ending differs depending on the player's Tactician Rank. With C Rank or less it simply says how surprising it is that such "incomprehensible strategy" led to victory. If B-Rank, Mark is described as Famed Genius and is said to have disappeared after the following battle, and his skills were then sought by Ben, Lycia and Etruria, but none could find him. In an S-Rank Ending, Mark is called a Superb Mind, and it is said that his brilliance changed the course of history, and Bern and Etruria fought a war because of their desire for his skilled mind.


Murdock is one of Bern's infamous Three Wyvern Generals. He appears as a boss in Fuuin no Tsurugi and one of Zephiel's main minions, but in Fire Emblem he makes a small appearance as young Zephiel's bodyguard. He is first seen in a house in "Four-Fanged Victory" (Eliwood Chapter 23, Hector Chapter 24) when a soldier warns him about the dangers of King Desmond's tyranny until Murdock urges him to be silent, as he notices someone else in the room watching them (whichever unit the player sent to enter the house).

In "Battle before Dawn" (Eliwood Chapter 26, Hector Chapter 28), Murdock was lured away from Zephiel's side by Desmond, who stalled him with some errands while assassins were sent to kill Zephiel. However, Zephiel was saved by Eliwood and his group. Murdock was later seen in a village in "Cog of Destiny" (Eliwood Chapter 27, Hector Chapter 29), where he decided not to turn in Eliwood's men to the king and let them go by claiming he did not see any of them, and he also gave them a Warp staff in gratitude for saving Zephiel's life.


The original Lyndis was Lord Hausen's wife. She apparently died at an early age, and Lyn (full name Lyndis, technically Lyndis II) was named in memory of her.


The daughter of Lord Hausen and Lady Lyndis. She became engaged to the Sacaean nomad, Hassar, against her father's wishes. This led her to elope with him to the Sacae Plains, and they lived peacefully together there. They also had a child, whom they named Lyn after Madelyn's deceased mother. She was killed during the Taliver Bandits' attack on the Lorcas.


Natalie was the wife of Dorcas. She suffered from a childhood sickness which hurt her one leg in some way that prevented her from traveling very far on it. She originally lived in Bern with Dorcas. Dorcas later left to raise money to mend Natalie's leg. However, she did not hear from him afterwards and feared he had gotten involved in something dangerous. She went out looking for him and wound up in a fortress near her village where she met Lyn and her group of mercenaries in "Chapter 4: In Occupation's Shadow".

The fortress was then attacked by bandits, but Lyn and the others were able to hold them off and protect Natalie. It turned out Dorcas was among the bandits, but he left them and helped Lyn's group after learning that Natalie was in danger. Dorcas then apologized to Natalie and took her back to the village. They then agreed on a less dangerous course of action, as Dorcas would travel with Lyn's group and help them for money. After that adventure, they moved to Pherae. One year later, Dorcas embarked on another adventure, this time saving up enough money to save Natalie, and she made a speedy recovery.


Reissmann was the chancellor of Caelin's royal family during Fire Emblem. He was only seen during "Chapter 10: The Distant Plains" after Lundgren's defeat. He had been imprisoned by Lundgren, likely for being a supporter of Hausen, but was released after Lundgren's defeat. He met with Lyn following her victory and warned her that Hausen was critically ill.

Reissmann is also mentioned in one of Lyn's Support conversations with Eliwood, and apparently Reissmann believed that Lyn needed to become more lady-like to attend social events in the place of her grandfather.


Roland was one of the Eight Legends. He wielded the blazing sword, Durandal, in battle. After the Scouring, Roland became the first king of Lycia. The territory was split between his sons, which lead to Lycia being divided into the Lycian League.


Roy, the hero of Fuuin no Tsurugi, makes only a small appearance in the epilogue of Fire Emblem. He is the son of Eliwood and either Ninian, Fiora or Lyn. In the epilogue he is seen as a young boy and meets Lilina for the first time during a meeting of the two marquesses. During a Support Conversation between Eliwood and Hector, Hector's dream also foreshadows Lilina leaving with Roy on an adventure in the future.


Another playable character from Fuuin no Tsurugi to make a small appearance in the game. She is a half-dragon/half-human Manakete originating from Arcadia in the Nabata Desert, where she is the local priestess. She is seen at the ruins in the lower corner of the map on Valor Isle in "Victory or Death" (Eliwood Chapter 29, Hector Chapter 31). She was apparently searching for Athos for whatever reason, but she gives a Talisman to whomever visits her ruins and assures them they have the full support of the Arcadians. Her appearance in this game is actually contradicted by a line in Fuuin no Tsurugi where it is said that Sophia had never left Arcadia before.


Uther was the strong-willed older brother of Hector. He became the marquess of Ostia after their parents died from a sudden illness. Afterwards, he overtaxed his bodies managing the many affairs of Ostia, which was the main territory of the Lycian League, and trying to control Hector and prevent him from doing dangerous and reckless things. He became more like a father to Hector, despite Hector's many protests against Uther's overprotective behavior towards him. However, Uther later began to suffer from an illness similar to the one that had killed their parents.

After Lord Elbert went missing, Uther sent Leila to infiltrate the Black Fang organization and investigate. He claimed to Hector that he would not make any move to search for Elbert, claiming that he had no reason to since it was not Ostia's affair. Hector snuck out anyway to join Eliwood in looking for Elbert (possibly what Uther had in mind all along), and but Uther soon found out and sent Oswin to watch over Hector. Eliwood and Hector's group later visited Uther in "Kinship's Bond" (Eliwood Chapter 21, Hector Chapter 22), at which point Uther directed them towards the home of Athos, knowing Athos could help them to defeat Nergal.

Afterwards, his condition worsened and he began to die. Uther knew that if Hector found out about this, he would be stuck in the decision between helping Eliwood or abandoning him to help Uther. Either way, Hector would feel guiltridden afterwards about abandoning one of them. In order to save him from the decision, Uther sent word to Oswin about his condition and swore him and all the castle's soldiers to secrecy concerning his condition. Uther finally died sometime prior to "Sands of Time" (Eliwood Chapter 28, Hector Chapter 31), and Hector found out the truth soon afterwards. Hector than paid his respects to his brother at Uther's empty throne and succeeded him as Marquess Ostia.


Zephiel is the main villain of Fuuin no Tsurugi, who appears in Fire Emblem as a young child prior to turning evil. He is the young son of King Desmond and Queen Hellene of Bern. However, Desmond shuns him due to both paranoia and jealous that he and his mistress (whom he truly loved) could only have a daughter, so Zephiel would get the throne instead. Zephiel still attempted to make peace with Desmond and became friends with Guinivere. In the game, Eliwood and the others must eventually protect Zephiel from assassins (actually hired by Desmond) in "Battle Before Dawn" (Eliwood Chapter 26, Hector Chapter 28). Afterwards Zephiel patches things up with his mother and they head off in one more attempt to talk sense into King Desmond.

An older Zephiel is also seen in the epilogue, set fifteen years later. The beginning of a scene described in Fuuin no Tsurugi is depicted in the end of the epilogue, when Yahn appears before Zephiel and asks him why he has awoken the dragons.


Only bosses with storyline importance are listed below.


Class: General

Darin was the power-hungry marquess of Laus. Under the influence of Ephidel and the Black Fang, Darin began to conspire and prepare a rebellion against Ostia so that Laus would take its place as the superior power in Lycia. However, he wound up having to retreat from his castle with most of his men in "Chapter 14: False Friends", leaving behind his son Erik to a possible death in battle with Eliwood's friends. Darin and his forces then attacked Caelin and occupied its castle. But they were not there long before Eliwood and Hector arrived in "The Noblewoman of Caelin" (Eliwood Chapter 15, Hector Chapter 16) and lent strength to the local forces.

As his forces continued to lose, Ephidel convinced Darin to pull back once again, this time abandoning all of his remaining troops. Darin and Ephidel retreated to Nergal's stronghold on Valor Isle. Darin was left to guard the Dragon's Gate in "Dragon's Gate" (Eliwood Chapter 19, Hector Chapter 20), but he was ultimately slain in battle. He called out to Ephidel for help in his dying breath, but his cry went unanswered.

A more powerful morph clone of Darin also appeared as a boss in the final chapter, wielding the S-Rank lance Rex Hasta.


Class: Cavalier

Erik was the snobbish son of Lord Darin. He knew Eliwood and Hector during their youth, and in their first meeting he was known for wimping out of a blood pact. He later pretended to be friends with Eliwood but actually disliked him, and he openly disliked Hector. Within Fire Emblem, he appears in "Chapter 14: False Friends" as the boss. He was sent out to see how much Eliwood knew about what was going on with Laus and then fight him, although the pretense of friendship was blown when Hector found Erik's men waiting in ambush.

Erik admitted the truth and engaged Eliwood and Hector in battle. Erik was ultimately defeated but survived to be questioned afterwards. Following Darin's death, Erik became the new marquess of Laus until his betrayal of the Lycian League followed by his death in Fuuin no Tsurugi.


Class: Assassin

Jerme was a high-ranking assassin in the Black Fang. He was particularly deranged and bloodthirsty, relishing the chance to cut up opponents as he said it fed his sword. Thus Nergal found much use for him in getting quintessence by killing people. However, he had a strange resentment for Jaffar, as he said that he was "top dog" until Jaffar joined the Black Fang (suggesting he was once one of the Four Fangs). He potentially appears as the boss of "Pale Flower of Darkness" (Eliwood Chapter 25, Hector Chapter 27) only if the sum of the player's weapon users's levels are higher than those of the player's magic users. In this case, Jerme is left to watch over the Black Fang fortress while Sonia is way, but then is killed in battle with Eliwood and Hector's group.

Regardless of whether he or Kenneth is battled in "Pale Flower of Darkness", a morph clone of Jerme still appears as a boss in the final chapter.


Class: Bishop

Kenneth is a heretical priest associated with the Black Fang. He has denounced his faith in the gods in favor of worshiping Nergal, and he delights in the suffering of men. He potentially appears as the boss of "Pale Flower of Darkness" (Eliwood Chapter 25, Hector Chapter 27) only if the sum of the player's magic users' levels are higher than those of the player's weapon users. In this case, Kenneth is left to watch over the Black Fang fortress while Sonia is way, but then is killed in battle with Eliwood and Hector's group.

Regardless of whether he or Jerme is battled in "Pale Flower of Darkness", a morph clone of Kenneth still appears as a boss in the final chapter, armed with the S Rank light tome Luce.


Class: Magic Seal

Kishuna is a unique boss who appears exclusively in special side chapters. He was the first morph whom Nergal created with emotions. However, he was also created a magic seal, which meant he exuded a field which nullified all magic around him. Because of this, Nergal considered him to be useless and shunned him.

Kishuna appears as a boss three times, in "Imprisoner of Magic" (Eliwood Chapter 18x, Hector Chapter 19x) (being an optional boss), "Genesis" (Eliwood Chapter 22x, Hector Chapter 23x) and the Hector's Tale exclusive "Chapter 32x: The Value of Life". His motives are unsure but seem to involve proving his worth to Nergal. He first disrupts Aion's attempt to ambush Eliwood's group, and he later ambushes Eliwood's group twice. He is incapable of attack but can warp away and surrounds himself with powerful minions. But in the end, he is killed.


Class: General

Lundgren was the evil younger brother of Hausen who sought to usurp the throne of Caelin from his brother. He had been named heir to the throne, but after Hausen's daughter Madelyn attempted to re-establish connections with him, Lundgren sought to ensure he became marquess. Lundgren began poisoning Hausen until he became bedridden with a great illness, at which point Lundgren took control. Although Madelyn and her husband were killed by bandits, their daughter Lyn survived.

As Lyn made her way towards Caelin, Lundgren hired various bandits to kill her while taunting Hausen and being angry at him for clinging to life and hope despite the poison's potency. Eventually he convinced the populace of Caelin that Lyn was an impostor while Sain and Kent were rebels so Lundgren was able to send part of the Caelin army after them. However, he did not receive aid from other countries due to Eliwood's intervention. Despite this, Lyn's ragtag band of mercenaries made their way to Caelin, where Lundgren suited up in armor and defended the entrance to Castle Caelin as the boss of "Chapter 10: The Distant Plains". He was defeated and killed, bemoaning that a "savage from Sacae" would inherit the throne in his place.


Class: Nomadic Trooper

Uhai was a nomad hailing from the Kutolah tribe in the Sacae Plains. He became an early member of the Black Fang known as the Soaring Hawk. He sympathized with Brendan Reed's ideology and enjoyed learning under Brendan while training alongside him and his sons. To him, the Black Fang was the first place that felt like home. Lloyd particularly had a great respect for Uhai.

After the Black Fang fell under Nergal's influence, Uhai was aware of Nergal's control over the Black Fang and his great power, but he continued to work with the Black Fang out of respect for Brendan Reed. He was posted on Valor Isle and was the first opponent Eliwood and Hector's group faced on the island in "The Dread Isle" (Eliwood Chapter 18, Hector Chapter 19). Uhai first took Lyn hostage in order to convince them to either hand over Ninian or retreat, but when they refused Uhai released Lyn because it was shameful to battle with a woman held hostage and she was a fellow Sacaean so he decided to have mercy on her. Uhai was killed in the battle, but in his last words he told them the path to the Dragon's Gate.

A morph clone of Uhai later appears as a boss in the final chapter, wielding the S-Rank bow Rienfleche.

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