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Developer Skip Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo
System WiiWare
Release Date US October 13, 2008
EU November 21, 2008
JP May 12, 2009
Rating ESRB: E

CUBELLO is a color matching puzzle game where players shoot blocks at a rotating figure. This was the first game in the Art Style series to not be a remake of a bit Generations game. It costs 600 Wii points.


CUBELLO is controlled entirely by the Wii Remote's pointer functionality. A multicolored 3-D structure of blocks rotate in space. The objective is to launch blocks at the structure creating matching sets that vanish off the playing field until only the center block is left. Players cannot control the rotation of the structure and must patiently wait for it to turn in their favor.

Players have the advantage of seeing what blocks are coming up next in the lineup, although there is a limited amount. Ammo can be earn by creating matching sets. Occasionally if too much time is taken, a stack of blocks will protrude from the structure in an attempt to stress out the player. After matching a certain number of blocks, a roulette slot will activate. If the results match up the player can earn a bonus power that will temporarily shoot out infinite blocks of one color or infinite blocks of all colors.

Levels are grouped in seven separate sets labeled after letters of the alphabet. Beating the first level in a set will unlock more levels for that set, as well as the first level of the next set. An Endless Mode is also available that will constantly create more and more blocks as the player tries to earn the highest score possible.

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