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Developer Skip Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo
System Game Boy Advance
Release Date JP July 13, 2006

Boundish is puzzle game inspired by Pong. It was originally released as part the Japan-only bit Generations series for Game Boy Advance.


The concept of Boundish is very similar to Pong in that the idea is to bounce a ball around, mostly between two people. There are 5 different ways to play Boundish, referred to in the game as 5 different courts. In Pool Follower both players freely move about their side of the screen as a little character pushing around a paddle. Blobs will come from the top and bottom to interfere with the game and bounce the ball back at the player. Box Juggling only has a single player moving across the screen bouncing a box into the air. In Power Slider both players are restricted to circular movement around an ice rink, passing a puck back and forth. In Human League, two teams of two people are attached to wire bouncing the ball between their bodies, with one player serving as a backup if the front player misses. In Wild Go Round, both players are on a constantly rotating record but have the choice to move for themselves. The ball will constantly rotate direction as its passed as well. In most of the courts, players can chose to add a spin to the ball to add a bit challenge for their opponent.


  • The game was originally going to be released in America as Digiluxe: Boundish.
  • The game's circular icon was used as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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