Bird & Beans

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Bird & Beans
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
System DSiWare
Release Date JP December 24, 2008
EU April 3, 2009
US April 5, 2009
KO April 15, 2010
Rating ESRB: E

Bird & Beans and Paper Airplane Chase are two retitled minigames from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! that have been released as downloads for DSiWare. Bird & Beans is a compilation of both Pyoro and Pyoro 2, both retitled as Bird & Beans and Bird & Beans 2. They have been slightly retooled to fit the DSi's top (or bottom) screen and costs 200 Nintendo DSi Points. Bird & Beans 2 is not unlocked until the first game has been played a certain number of times or a certain score has been reached.

In Bird & Beans, you play as the bird-like Pyoro and you must use his long tongue to catch falling beans from the sky. The father away the bean, the more points are scored. Beans not caught will break a hole in the platform that Pyoro stands on, blocking access to the other side. If Pyoro eats a white bean, one section of the platform will be restored, while a flashing bean will restore several broken sections. The more the player scores, the more the background is decorated with various shadows of a city.

Bird & Beans 2 plays the same as the first game with a few exceptions. The most noticable is that Pyoro and the background have changed color and rather than using his tongue, Pyoro spits seeds so fast it's almost impossible to see. Because this is faster than the tongue, it is now fairly easy to hit beans near the top of the screen so the scoring method has changed. The more beans that are hit with a single seed, the more points that are earned.

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