Big Brain Academy

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Big Brain Academy
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo DS
Release Date Nintendo DS
JP June 30, 2005
US June 5, 2006
AU July 5, 2006
EU July 7, 2006
KR August 2, 2007
Rating ESRB: E

Big Brain Academy is a game to keep the mind in good shape. It's similar to Brain Age, but simpler.


In Big Brain Academy, there are fifteen activities. The activities are divided into five categories: Think, Memorize, Analyze, Compute, and Identify.

Test Mode has the player do one puzzle from each category. The player is given an overall grade as well as areas where the player needs to improve. Practice Mode lets players choose a puzzle and practice it as much as they want. Versus Mode lets two to eight players compete to see who has the heaviest brain.



Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree is a sequel to Big Brain Academy.

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