Battle Clash

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Battle Clash
Developer Intelligent Systems
Publisher Nintendo
System Super Nintendo
Release Date Super Nintendo
US October 1992
EU March 18, 1993
JP June 21, 1993

Battle Clash is a Super Nintendo game using the Super Scope. In Japan, it's called Space Bazooka.


The governments of the world have fallen; all that remains are ruled by Chiefs and their ST Battle Mechs, under the rule of global rule of Thanatos. After watching his city fall, Mike Anderson is out for revenge. In the ST Falcon, Anderson hopes to defeat each chief and depose Thanatos.


The player is Mike Anderson's partner and gunner. The screen automatically scrolls to match the movements of the enemy mechs. The player must shoot them using the Super Scope. Each mech has unique battle patterns.

The player starts of with just one gun. Rapid bullets can be fired as well as charged up shots. As the player continues, they can earn more weapons.

Along with Story Mode, there's also Time Trial and 2-Player Mode.


The game had a sequel: Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge.

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