Battalion Wars 2

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Battalion Wars 2
Developer Kuju Entertainment
Publisher Nintendo
System Wii
Release Date NA October 29, 2007
EU February 15, 2008
AU March 20, 2008
Gallery GH Gallery

Battalion Wars 2 is the follow up to the original Battalion Wars. The game is abbreviated to BWii (the II lowercased intentionally) and was developed by Kuju Entertainment.


The world is at peace until generals of the Anglo Islands make a surprise invasion against the Solar Empire, believing that they are in possession of a superweapon. While Empress Lei-Quo and her subordinate, A-Quila try to mount a defense, General Herman notes certain similarities to the Anglo Island attack and the Tundran invasion of the Frontier twenty years earlier. Meanwhile Marshal Nova is haunted by the spirit of his father who balks at his efforts at peace.


The game features similar gameplay to its predecessor, where the game features a mixture of third-person shooter and real time strategy blended together. Players take command of a single unit at a time, but can switch to any other unit in their command on the fly. The strategy elements plays in sending units to deal with certain tasks, or having them hold back while other units take take of enemy units, such as sending Anti-Air Veterans to deal with Gunships.

The game features new units for the sea. The Battleships for long range attacks, Frigates for attacking aerial units, and Submarines for sea battles. Although they are locked to sea, the range of Battleships can prove crucial in providing support to land battle. Additionally the game provides bases that can be captured. These bases will continually produce units of a certain type whenever one is lost. Barracks will provide infantry, factories provide vehicles, airports provide gunships and planes, and ports will provide boats. Landing sights can also be captured and allow for the Commanding Officer to provide reinforcements for the mission.

Although the game has no multiplayer on a single Wii, it does have a WiFi mode. In this mode the player can play in either Co-Op, Assault, or Skirmish mode. Like in the storyline adventure, some of these missions are story-driven. Some of the levels are also part of the story and explain where Colonel Austin and Major Nelly are during the events of Campaign Mode. The WiFi mode allows for two simultaneous players and will score how many missions you manage to S-Rank.

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