Balloon Fight (Game & Watch)

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Balloon Fight
Developer Nintendo R&D1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date Crystal
November 19, 1986
New Wide Screen
March 8, 1988

Balloon Fight is a Game & Watch game. It was the last game released in the Crystal format, and was based on the arcade game of the same name.



The Balloon Man is a member of the Sky Patrol who is hunting a group of sky pirates led by Oiram Repus. After defeating all his henchmen, Repus has escaped with the map to his hiding place having been torn up and left attached to balloons. The Balloon Man must find all these balloons to put together the map and find Repus.


The player controls the Balloon Man in gameplay somewhat similar to the original game. However, the player must instead collect balloons while avoiding the Sparks and not falling into the sea. Landing on special areas and pressing the warp button will take the player to a bonus level, and each phase is cleared by collecting more than 25 balloons. There is also a boss battle with Repus after every six phases. Instead of having a set amount of misses, the player will lose 100 points for each miss and will get a game over if having less than that amount.


Ports and Rereleases

  • It was later rereleased in New Wide Screen format.
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