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Developer Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date Game & Watch
April 28, 1980
JP July 15, 2009
US April 19, 2010
EU April 23, 2010

Ball is a Game & Watch game. It's part of the "Silver" series.


The player controls a juggler's arms. The player must make sure the juggler catches a ball and throws it up again before it falls to the ground. Game A is the easier of the two. Game B makes the balls move faster.


One of Mr. Game & Watch's moves are based on Ball.

Ports and Remakes

  • Game Boy Gallery featured Ball as one of it's games.
  • Ball also appeared in Game and Watch Gallery 2 as an unlockable game. The original Classic Mode as well as four new Modern Modes featuring Yoshi, Mario, Wario and Bowser.
  • A version of Ball was included with the Game Boy Camera.
  • Though not strictly a remake, Mario the Juggler features a very similar play style to Ball, perhaps as a tribute due to Mario the Juggler being the last Game & Watch game released.
  • Ball was released for the DSi as downloadable DSiWare.
  • As part of their Club Nintendo reward program, Japanese members who earned Platinum Status by September 2009 can choose to receive an exact replica of Ball with the Club Nintendo logo stamped on it. The American Club Nintendo used the same promotion in February 2012 for members who had 1,200 coins.
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