BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Senki

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BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Senki
Developer Intelligent Systems
Publisher Nintendo
System SNES
Release Date JP September 28, 1997

BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Senki is the the only Fire Emblem series game released for the Satellaview. The game disregarded many of the changes made in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, returning the gameplay and graphics to those used Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo and featuring four different "episodes" that could be played through.



Taking place before the events of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the game tells the story of various characters from Marth's army before the breakout of the War of Darkness.

Part 1: Fall of the Palace

At the very start of the war, the Dolhr-Grustian alliance has conquered the Archanean Palace and prepares to execute to royal family. The King orders Boah to escort Princess Nyna to safety as death is only minutes away. General Gubel chases Nyna to a secluded room and battles the remaining Archanean Knights. At the end of the chapter, Nyna and her retainers are captured by General Camus of Grust. Nyna is taken away by Camus, while her retainers are sent to the dungeon.

Characters: Nyna (Main), Boah, Midia, Dolph, Macellan, Tomas

Part 2: The Red Dragon Knight

The Macedonian army is receiving resistance from the remaining soldiers of Aurelis. Out of despair many soldiers are deserting the army and causing chaos in towns around Aurelis. The Dragon Knight Ruben leads the deserters in their campaign of murder and mayhem against the people of Aurelis, disregarding his place as a Macedon commander. Princess Minerva and a mysterious man (Hardin) join forces to crush the deserters. Part way through the battle, a Macedon priest known as Frost joins Minerva after leaving Commander Ruben. At the end of the chapter Minerva allows Hardin to escape, and Hardin remarks about Minerva's beauty and character.

Characters: Minerva (Main), Hardin (Main), Catria, Est, Roshea, Wolf, Frost

Part 3: The Thieves of Justice

In the capital of Archanea, Rikard meets Sister Lena and convinces her to help him steal the treasures of Archanea to assist the poor. Rikard goes looking for mercenaries to help fight the soldiers occupying the castle while Lena explores the city. Lena assaulted by a creepy Archanean but is saved by the wandering swordsman Navarre. She hires Navarre to help them break into the Millennial Palace, and Rikard hires Castor to help him break in. The next day, the thieves enter the palace and battle the Dolhr-Grustian army. Part way through the battle, Rikard asks father/daughter team Dice and Mullis to join forces with them. At the end of the chapter, General Camus captures Rikards forces, but escorts them to freedom at Nyna's request.

Characters: Rickard (Main), Lena, Navarre, Castor, Dice, Mullis

Part 4: The Time of Beginning

Emperor Medeus growing impatient with Nyna and the last of House Archanea still living, orders General Burzack of Dolhr to seize Nyna and have her executed. As the Dolhr army approaches the Millennial Palace, Camus learns of the plot and orders the Sable Order to escort Nyna to Prince Hardin in Aurelis. Prior to the battle Nyna confesses her love for Camus and asks for him to accompany her to Aurelis. During the battle Camus leaves Nyna with Prince Hardin, and continues to fight the Dolhr army until Nyna is safely away. After the battle Camus is captured by General Burzack and is brutally tortured during the trip to a Dolhr prison. In Aurelis Nyna gives the cry for rebellion against the Dolhr Empire, and a few months later, a hero rises from the Island of Talys.

Characters: Camus (Main), Nyna (Main), Berth, Roberto, Layden


The basic gameplay is similar to that of the Monshou, but with new additions. The maps were time based, with the player getting points and fighting enemies until the time ran out. Voice acting and pictures were used to enhance the story telling aspects of the game. There are no battle animations, just map animations.


Akaneia Senki is the only game which uses the time based events for its gameplay. However the music used in the game inspired tracks from future games, with Wind being redone as a single for Thracia 776 soundtrack.

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