Animal Crossing: Wild World

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Animal Crossing: Wild World
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo DS
Release Date JP November 23, 2005
US December 5, 2005
AU December 8, 2005
EU March 31, 2006
Rating ESRB: E

Animal Crossing: Wild World is a life-simulator for the DS which is the second full Animal Crossing game (despite the myriad Japanese counterparts for the first Animal Crossing) and the first for a handheld.



The player controls an avatar who has just moved away from home to a new town. The basic objectives include making friends, obtaining a variety of objects to decorate one's person or home and to pay off debts owed to Tom Nook.


Animal Crossing: Wild World reprises a gameplay similar to Animal Crossing. The player is allowed to moved into one of Tom Nook's houses and needs to pay off a debt afterwards. The game is still open-ended, which leaves the player to their own devices.

New features include an expanded museum with a cafe and observatory, an expanded Able Sisters shop with hats and accessories, flowers that require watering, and the ability to change the player character's hair style. The village in Wild World can only hold eight animals, but they can now be invited into the player's house. A larger script also makes the way for less repeated dialogue.

Wild World also takes advantage of the DS's Wi-Fi and allows players to visit each others' villages after exchanging friend codes. Up to four players can visit a given village at the same time.


  • Animal Crossing: Wild World was banned in certain Japanese schools due to its distracting students during class.



It was followed by Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii.

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