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Developer R&D 1, Intelligent Systems
Publisher Nintendo
System Game Boy, 3DS Virtual Console
Release Date Game Boy
JP April 21, 1989
US August 1989
EU September 28, 1990
3DS Virtual Console
US June 6, 2011
EU/AU June 7, 2011
JP August 3, 2011
Rating ESRB: E

Alleyway is a Breakout-styled puzzle game for the Game Boy and was one of the system's launch titles in America and Japan.


The player controls a paddle at the bottom of a screen while a ball bounces around. In the Breakout tradition, the paddle must be maneuvered to catch the bouncing ball and reflect it to destroy all of the blocks gathered near the top of the screen. A stage is completed when all of the blocks are destroyed, and the player had a limited number of lives to so (each life being depleted when the ball misses the paddle). There are twenty-four stages as well as eight bonus stages that are played after every third stage. Alleyway cannot save.

The game notably has several Mario references, as the bonus stages and ending image use images from the Mario games. Additionally, the international releases implied that the protagonist was Mario himself, and an opening animation depicts him boarding the paddle.


Some of the code in Alleyway was later used for Nintendo's next Breakout-inspired game, which was Kirby's Block Ball.

Ports and Remakes

  • In August 2000, it was rereleased through the Nintendo Power system.
  • It was released for download through the 3DS's eShop as part of the 3DS Virtual Console in 2011. It was one of that Virtual Console's launch titles in all regions except for Japan.
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